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To delete a database that has been set as Offline, you first have to bring it back online, and then drop it, like so:

EXEC rdsadmin.dbo.rds_set_database_online N'YOUR-DATABASE-HERE'
EXECUTE msdb.dbo.rds_drop_database N'YOUR-DATABASE-HERE'

If you have problems, you may try renaming the database and trying again:

EXEC rdsadmin.dbo.rds_modify_db_name N'YOUR-DATABASE-HERE', N'DeleteMe'

If none of these work, you may not have the correct permissions, which could require resetting your master password — see the AWS documentation for that.

If this error occurs when you are on a Corporate VPN, where browser traffic is captured by a MITM (Man-In-The-Middle), you may need to change any or all of these settings in the Firefox about:config page,
security.tls.hello_downgrade_check = false (this should definitely fix it)
security.tls.version.max = 3 (this should definitely fix it)
security.osclientcerts.autoload = true (this might fix it if it is OS cert-related)

The reason this may occur is because the security device is incapable of providing valid TLS 1.3 HELLO messaging.